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Theme Boxes

Spring Box

Perfect for wishing away winter, welcoming the Easter bunny with family, or simply experiencing new and delicious flavors you’ve never tried before. With flavors ranging from zesty citrus to sweet marshmallow, you’re sure to find something you love.

Date Night Box

Try new things together this Valentine's Day, or any date night throughout the year! A DIY ice cream date is one to remember. From wine ice cream to habanero spice-cream, make memories as you experience a range of cozy and adventurous flavors.

Friends Night In Box

This box of colorful, unique (and sparkling) flavors is a pop of joy for any movie night, housewarming party, or casual day in with friends. Customize any flavor with toppings or a shot of your favorite spirit to any flavor. “The usual” hang just got a whole lot more exciting!