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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple. Blend one packet of mix with 1 ½ cups of warm half & half (or any nondairy alternative). Best to use half & half for the creamiest ice cream! Allow this mixture to rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. Freeze for 3- 6 hours in an airtight container, then allow to soften for just 5 minutes. Enjoy!
Magic! Just kidding. We’ve worked with a team of food scientists to develop a really unique mix of dry milk, along with gums and salts. When combined with milk, water, or any nondairy milk and then frozen, these ingredients activate and make ice cream!. Yes as simple as that!
Yep -- you can use any nondairy milk alternative with HIJINX ice cream mix. For a lower-cal version, you can even use water!
Not at all. You can use a whisk to thoroughly combine the powder with your milk. You can also shake the powder and milk in a (tightly sealed!) jar or container.
Absolutely! We encourage it. With HIJINX ice cream mix, you can ‘ice creamify’ anything! If you don’t know where to start, we suggest using one of our recipes, and switching out one or two of the ingredients. For example, in our Nutella Banana recipe, try swapping out the Nutella for the same amount of peanut butter!
Definitely. Our recipes are intended as starting points for you to change, adapt, and swap out to make the ice cream of your dreams.
Yes -- Hijinx ice cream mix is peanut-safe.
Free shipping for all products everywhere, except Alaska and Hawaii. It’s just too expensive to ship to Alaska and Hawaii and we are not able to afford it without passing on some of the shipping cost back to the customer.
Using alcohol, fruit, confections/candies, spices, syrups, sauces, cheese, powdered flavors, proteins, vegetables, nuts, coffee, tea....pretty much any ingredient that has a distinct flavor can simply be blended or stirred in with Hijinx (If it's chunky, stir it in. Otherwise, blend). Just remember to concentrate the flavors a bit before adding to Hijinx (you'd be surprised by how many oranges it takes to get a strong-enough orange flavor). Please refer to our best practices and ingredient guidelines here to make the most delicious, and decadent ice cream using Hijinx

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