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What is Hijinx?

Hijinx is an ice cream mix powder that makes it easy for you to create custom ice cream flavors at home. Simply blend the ice cream powder with half & half and your favorite ingredients (coffee, cocktails, candy, hot sauce, etc.) to create endless customized homemade ice cream flavors. No ice cream maker needed.

Recipes & Experiences

Here are some ideas to awaken the creative (evil?) genius in you.

What makes this ice cream an “experience”?

Great question! Hijinx isn’t just a dessert: it’s a base for activities and gatherings. Spend an afternoon creating flavors with friends, play food-based games and challenges with your partner, adapt a family recipe into ice cream, or experiment with custom flavor pairings in your kitchen. Hijinx gives you an excuse to gather with loved ones…and an excuse to eat new, exciting homemade ice cream!

Experiment with food combinations
like a celebrity chef!

Hijinx helps you easily create innovative meal pairings, experiment with the latest in food trends, try new ways to consume alcohol, and more.

- Pair a Masala Chai or Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream with your Indian dinner

- Serve up Guinness Ice Cream at the BBQ alongside your famous smoked ribs

- Surprise your partner with a Cherry Chocolate Red Wine ice cream atop their flourless chocolate birthday cake

Use Hijinx as an activity
for special occasions, or simply celebrating the everyday!

Hijinx’s homemade ice cream mix is perfect for fun ice cream-based activities for all ages.

- Challenge your family to a Chopped-style challenge to create ice cream using mandatory ingredients like barbecue sauce, limes, or carrots

- Impress your partner on date night: together, create a signature Mascarpone Amaretto couples' flavor that reminds you of your first date at the Italian restaurant down the street.

Gift your best friend a flavor that reminds you of them (Peanut Butter Pretzel because that’s the only snack they used to eat in the dorm room back in college).

How It Works

It’s as easy as (ice cream) pie!

Step 1

Add your favorite ingredients and milk to Hijinx

Step 2


Step 3

Freeze and enjoy!

For Whatever Life Throws At You,
There's A Flavor For That

So YOU. Party of One

Savor ice cream made with your favorite coffee, cocktail, or food: Masala Chai, Lime Margarita, Thai Coconut Curry, or whatever your jam is (literally too!)

Invent a New Flavor

Duck a l'Orange or Ketchup ice cream anyone?

Prank Your Friends With Funky Flavors

Anchovy, Wasabi, Ear Wax

Make Epic Event-Themed Ice Cream

Add to the excitement of The Big Game, Awards Season, Holidays, or your Book Club with ice cream that matches the occasion.

No more FOMO!

That latest Cereal Milk, Mac & Cheese, or Foie Gras ice cream your friend posted on Instagram from some exotic location? You can now make it right at home!

Impress at the Ice Cream Social

Flex your sophisticated palate with, say, a pistachio-Rosé fusion. Exquisite!



Hear from some honest-to-god real-life HIJINX creators!

I made Peanut Butter Chocolate Whisky Ice Cream with a friend this weekend. It was legitimately SO GOOD! My friend made a gross flavor (tequila and hot sauce!) just for fun, and even that was a good time!


I love my mom's Masala Chai. And I love Ice Cream. Being able to eat the Masala Chai as Ice Cream was the ultimate culinary hack!


I made Montgomery Inn BBQ Ice Cream! I miss Cincinnati and the Montgomery Inn ribs. So I made a BBQ ice cream with onion straws on top! I even added a few chunks of rib meat as toppings and it was a big hit at my party!