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HIJINX is a homemade ice cream powder mix. Redefining the history of ice cream, you can now make make ice cream without ice cream maker. Make your very own rolled ice cream using any ice cream flavor you like! All you need to do is blend and freeze, for ice cream as perfect as an ice cream drawing.

About Us

Who we are

Do you ever wonder what happens to the sprinkles you don’t get a chance to eat?

You know, the ones that drip off your triple-stacked ice cream cone on a hot summer afternoon?

Did you really think they just stayed put on the ground resigned to spending the rest of their days in anonymity, never getting to be part of a sweet delicious treat again?

Well, some do. But others don’t. And the ones that don’t evolve into something more.

They turn into Hijinx Ice Cream Freaks.

That’s right, a band of small mischievous beings that set off on a mission to transform the very way we think, eat, and understand society at large through the medium of ice cream.

These miniature culinary mad scientists then figured out the equivalent of a new ancient secret, an edible rosetta stone, a discovery more satisfying than a perfectly fitting pair of jeans.

And guess what?

We’re going to share it with you right now.


Because Ice Cream is Everything.

Through the Hijinx blending process all of your favorite foods and flavors can now be enjoyed in their optimal form, as ice cream.

Cone or cup, a little or a lot, that’s up to you to decide, we’re simply here to hold your hand as you leave boringsville behind and enter into the promised land where anything that you can dig a scooper into is fair game.

Part choose-your-own-adventure, part DIY dessert, Hijinx flavors will never disappoint. And if any flavors do let you down, just choose a new recipe and try again. All the responsibility is on you now, we’ve done our job and we’ve done it epically.

We’re putting our cards on the table, and you know we have a royal flush because this is the best ice cream here, there, or anywhere searchable on Google Earth.

So pull out your credit card and give us a try already.

-- The Hijinx Ice Cream Freaks, Propaganda Dept.