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There is more to life than tedium. 

Hijinx was founded by Chandini, a successful engineer who one day realized she had turned into a bloody boring adult: an adult juggling work, family, volunteering, and too many seemingly important yet entirely non-memorable activities that could only be classified as “miscellany of adulthood”. Plagued with existential questions like, "are adults no different than gerbils who run all day on a wheel?", she quit her job and moved to a yoga and meditation ashram in the middle of nowhere, McMinnville Tennessee. There, she embarked on a journey to rediscover her inner child…

…No, “she embarked on a journey to rediscover her inner child” is clichéd. She did though intentionally start celebrating "life and living" more often. With the move she missed a few things from her old life, like the tons of different and exciting ice cream flavors she used to enjoy in the big city. 

While trying to obtain said ice cream, it dawned on her how absolutely wasteful it was to get frozen water and air shipped to her in insulated packaging with dry ice. The rabbit hole revealed the entire cold chain from manufacturing, to transport, to retail storage consumes a mind-boggling amount of energy!

And so, Hijinx was born!

Being an engineer, she set about reverse-engineering ice cream to remove the air and water from it so (1) frozen water & air don't have to be shipped anymore (2) people like her can make any ice cream they want using just a blender and a home freezer - no ice cream maker needed!

Move over Scotland! You're no longer the place with the spiciest ice cream in the world (Seriously? Scotland?!!)! Now she goes about making chai ice cream when it rains and ponders ways to grow her secret society of adults who "stop and smell the roses".

A movement in favor of FUN

Hijinx as a brand represents and encourages adults to engage in the harmless, formative fun that defined your childhood, when beauty and strength were evidenced by the size of laugh and magnitude of joy. Do a non-adult activity that puts a big smile and a youthful glow on your face.

As a company, Hijinx strives to create exceptional products, with a mission. That’s why Hijinx ice cream mix is made in New Jersey with simple, high-quality ingredients. Plus, 1% of sales go to nonprofits that provide healing and support through the arts. We believe that creativity is endlessly therapeutic, and we hope to bring some creativity and childlike wonder back into the world. 




Yup, the one you just read about! With a background in engineering and entrepreneurship, Chandini approaches ice cream with a unique lens. When she’s not optimizing ice cream, she’s busy plotting ways to sneak fun into adulthood. In her downtime, she enjoys practicing yoga and helping cook for the other residents of her ashram. Her favorite ice cream flavors tend to be savory or spicy, like Sriracha and Coconut Curry.



Head of Marketing/Brand Voice

Sarah’s background in TV/film development and comedy writing informs her fun video content and copy about DIY ice cream. She dares you to think of a more ideal job. When she’s not working, she’s probably watching horror movies or thrift shopping. Her favorite ice cream flavor often changes, but give her some combo of Chocolate, Marshmallows, Peanut Butter, and Pretzels, and you’ve got a happy camper.



Product Manager

For Asvika, the ice cream biz is a new path, ways away from her degrees in Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine. However, she’s always had a passion for food and cooking, so really she’s right at home. Asvika ensures that our website, social media presence, and digital communities are always glowing. Asvika has made a point to travel every year, and when she does, she always ends her day with regional ice cream. Her favorite ice cream flavor is ANYTHING with chocolate.



Packing & Logistics (& Unofficial Taste Tester)

Jennifer is the expert on assembling Hijinx bundles with extra love and care. Not to mention, Jennifer is the only team member who has taste-tested EVERY pre-bottled Hijinx flavor, and done so multiple times. Her favorite ice cream flavors are Hijinx’s own Caramel Corn and Yuzu Citrus. Is she biased? Maybe! Do we love her for it? Absolutely.