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What to Buy and Why

Make Your Own Flavor

For the DIY-er with big ideas! Flavor your own base and/or add mix-ins like hot sauce, cereal or vodka.

Try a Pre-Made Flavor

You're here for laid back fun: Just pour, blend and freeze. You can also get creative and toss in mix-ins like takis, coffee or jelly!

Try MULTIPLE Flavors!

For the pro taste-tester! Try 7 themed flavors (and get the most for your money!) with these rotating bundles.


New to pre-made flavors? Try a sample flavor set! Our fan favorite - CARAMEL CORN! Includes 1 Hijinx packet and 1 liquid flavor

Create Your Own Bundle

Create exciting ice cream flavors with this super simple ice cream-making set. Our bundles contain everything you need to create custom flavors with just a blender.

Hijinx Gift Card

Don't know what to get? Give the gift of custom ice cream! One mix to make them all. Hijinx gift cards are the the perfect and easy way to grab someone's attention.