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Persian Faloodeh

Back in 400 B.C, people in the Persian Empire cooled off with an ancient version of the snow cone: grape juice poured over snow gathered from mountain peaks. The next evolution in icy-sweet concepts was faloodeh, a sorbet made of cooked vermicelli noodles, frozen in rosewater syrup, finished with a squeeze of lime juice. One of the world’s most influential and earliest-known frozen desserts (it’s also the predecessor to Indian falooda), this ancient treat is still a summertime favorite in Iran today. To give your faloodeh-inspired ice cream a modern touch, top it with fresh mint, berries, crushed pistachios, or sour cherry syrup. 

Moose Milk

On chilly nights during World War II, a potent elixir known as Moose Milk filled the stomachs and soothed the souls of Canadian soldiers. This rich batch cocktail usually appeared in quantities designed to sate a small army, leaving drinkers full, warm, and quite tipsy. Though there are many iterations, recipes for Moose Milk typically yield a tipple that’s creamy, coffee-flavored, sweet, and strong. While the Canadian military lays claim to the invention of the cocktail, the navy, army, and air force each make their own versions—all hearty concoctions using a diverse array of liquor options.

This ice cream captures the flavors of Moose Milk without the booze, but if you’re determined to prepare it in true military tradition, swap out a quarter cup of the coffee for your liquor of choice. 

Blue Moon

This ice cream flavor is a Midwestern mystery. Some swear it’s almond extract, while others taste citrus. Some claim it tastes like cereal, but are torn between Trix, Froot Loops, and Fruity Pebbles. Still, others suspect the key ingredient must be marshmallows. In an interview with the vice president of the company that owns Blue Moon’s patent, Weber Flavors, we were explicitly told: “I have the formula here in front of me, but I’m not gonna tell you what’s in it.” Thus, we set out to create our own. In hopes of ushering in an era of Blue Moon transparency, this one tastes of lemon meringue, blue raspberry, almond, custard, and marshmallow. 

This iconic flavor usually relies on artificial dye to achieve its cosmic hue, but we’ve included dried butterfly pea flowers instead. Steep these delicate buds in 1 1/2 cups hot water to produce a stunning blue dye, then blend it with one Hijinx packet and the contents of the blue moon flavor vial.

Yuzu Meringue

Here at Gastro Obscura, we like fascinating fruits, especially when we can add them to our favorite desserts. So we started thinking, why lemon meringue? Why not something more complex? Enter yuzu. Though it resembles a lumpy, misshapen cousin of the lemon, its flavor and fragrance are one-of-a-kind. Floral and heady, the scent of yuzu is so intoxicating that it not only stars in sweet and savory foods, but also in perfumes and bathing oils in Japan. Native to China and grown in Japan and Korea, this golden fruit can be hard to come by in the United States. A pint of yuzu meringue should make that harsh reality a little easier to bear. 

Masala Colada

For almost 80 years, The Turk’s Inn transported diners from Hayward, Wisconsin to a vibrant Ottoman palace, replete with decadent meals, ice-cream cocktails, and fancy decor. Turk’s was a true supper club—a genre of lavish, countryside restaurants that peaked in the 1940s, but never went out of style in Wisconsin. In 2013, with the passing of its founder’s sole heir, The Turk’s Inn shuttered and the family’s estate moved to auction off pieces of its interior. Two native Midwesterners won enough of the haul to recreate Turk’s in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. In 2019, the 1930s kitsch palace was reborn, expanding to host a rooftop lounge, where bartenders sling ice-cream cocktails on the roof. The drink of choice is a garam masala–spiced piña colada, which we highly recommend seeking out if you’re in the area. If not, here’s the next best thing in ice cream form. 

Simply add water & blend!

Step 1

Add warm water/milk and your flavor of choice.

Step 2

Blend with Hijinx powder.

Step 3

Freeze for 3-6 hours, scoop, and Enjoy!

Your Gastro Obscura flavor set contains everything you need to create your pint-sized passports...

This set includes: 5 ready-to-blend liquid flavors, 5 packets of Hijinx Ice cream mix, 5 pint containers, 1 limited edition pint koozie, 1 packet of butterfly pea flower (to be used for BLUE MOON only)


Our liquid flavors transform the base of your ice cream. The best part? Your flavors are pre-measured and ready to use!

Hijinx Packets

Simply blend one Hijinx packet with one flavor and 1.5 cups of water, then blend and freeze!

The Full Swag Bag

In addition to flavors and Hijinx, you’ll receive 5 pre-labeled pint containers, 1 limited edition pint koozie (to protect your fragile, lil’ hands), and 1 packet of butterfly pea flower to give your Blue Moon flavor an extra vibrant, natural color.

It’s not just ice cream, it’s an interactive, culinary travel experience that you can share with the adventurers in your life! 

Host a “staycation” night with cuisine from different nations.

Give the gift of culinary travel–without paying for a plane ticket.

Spike your flavors with alcohol, for a unique happy hour that showcases global flavors.




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What the actual FAQ?

1. How do I make ice cream with the Gastro Obscura DIY Ice Cream Set?

Blend 1 Hijinx packet with 1 flavor and 1.5 cups of warm water. For a creamier texture, use half & half instead of water. Let mixture stand for 30 minutes at room temperature, then freeze in an airtight container for 3-6 hours. As you would with any ice cream, thaw for several minutes until scoopable. Then enjoy!

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​​Create a flavor from your own travels!

We’ll create a custom recipe just for you!

Hijinx is an ice cream base that can be used to create ANY flavor of ice cream you can dream up. Simply add that candy you brought home from the UK, the cocktail you learned to make in Japan, the hot sauce you found in Mexico, etc. to Hijinx and half & half, then blend and freeze for a unique ice cream! 

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 For help getting started, make a purchase and reply to our post-purchase email with your flavor ideas and we’ll send you a FREE custom recipe using your cues. Simply follow the instructions to impress yourself & everyone else!