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Golden Milk

Cozy is key in this spiced, creamy flavor. Originating in India, golden milk (in its hot form) is known for its balanced, earthy flavor and vibrant color, thanks to golden yellow turmeric. If you'd like to add even more dimension to this already-bold flavor, pair with spiced rum or vanilla bean. This unique flavor is great as a potluck addition or gift for a friend, as it's rare to find in stores.


Perfect for:

  • Gifts
  • Making memories with loved ones
  • Themed desserts for special occasions
  • Trying a new activity on your day off

*Includes 1 Hijinx packet and 1 liquid flavor*


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One flavor, endless possibilities.
Just add another ingredient to create an entirely new ice cream!

Golden Milk Creme Brulee

Add: Vanilla Bean

Golden Rose

Add: Rose Water

Spiced Rum Latte

Add: Spiced Rum

Three simple steps
No ice cream maker needed!

Step 1

Add warm water or milk and your flavor of choice

Step 2

Blend with Hijinx powder.

Step 3

Scoop and enjoy!

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1. How do I make ice cream with the flavors and Hijinx ice cream mix?

Blend 1 Hijinx packet with 1 flavor and 1.5 cups of warm water. For a creamier texture, use half & half instead of water. Let mixture stand for 30 minutes at room temperature, then freeze in an airtight container for 3-6 hours. As you would with any ice cream, thaw for about 5 minutes until scoopable. Then enjoy!

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Customers are in love!

Hijinx users are obsessed with making unique, fun ice cream flavors!


"Delicious! This is love in the making" - Evan & Homa made ice cream with pizza flavor

Evan & Homa

"SO good!"

That came out SO good!" - Sarah made PB Chocolate Whisky ice cream for a friend she hadn't seen in over a year


"Super Creamy"

"Wow! Damn! Super Creamy!" - Abed made Matcha Marcarpone ice cream


"I'm Shook"

"I'm shook! I literally turned chips into ice cream! 10/10" - Skylar made Hot Cheetos & Takis Ice Creams



"mmmm" - Ilirian made Blueberry Goat Cheese Ice Cream


"This shit's GOOOOD!"

"interesting... wait.. this is actually really good. oh shit! It has like pickle particles in it. This shit's GOOOD!" - Kelsey made pickle ice cream!


"10/10 Bussin"

""What?! Bro! 10/10. Bussin!" - Ivan made Mac & Cheese Ice Cream


"Best Boozy Ice Cream"

"Whoever said that 'Money can't buy you happiness' has never had a boozy ice cream experience" - Eileen made Whisky Brown Butter ice cream