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DIY Ice Cream Gift Bundles
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Now you can make your OWN bundle: choose 10 of your favorite pre-made flavors to simply blend and freeze. Our bundles contain everything you need to create custom flavors–like Cinnamon Roll, Piña Colada, and Ube Tiramisu–that you won’t believe you made with just a blender. Gift bundle contains 10 packets of Hijinx mix and 10 bottles of ready-to-use natural flavor concentrates*

*All flavors are naturally-derived from plant and vegetable extracts. See our FAQ’s for more information.
  • 10 Hijinx packets & 10 flavors


Select your offer:
  • 7 Hijinx packets & 7 flavors
  • Tote Bag
  • 10 Hijinx packets & 10 flavors
  • Tote Bag, Magnets
  • 12 Hijinx packets & 12 flavors
  • Tote Bag, Magnets, Ice Cream Scoop, & Recipe Book

Three simple steps
No ice cream maker needed!

Step 1

Add warm water or milk and your flavor of choice.

Step 2

Blend with Hijinx powder.

Step 3

Freeze for 3-6 hours, scoop, and Enjoy!

Step 1: Pick your Bundle

Step 2: Pick your Flavors

A minty blast from the cold north: this is peppermint like you've always loved it. Delicious on its own, or paired with chocolate or festive...
A rich, earthy flavor that adds a new layer to rich dishes and cocktails. Black walnuts do not taste exactly like regular walnuts, but a...
You'll be transported to a cozy coffee shop when you enjoy your favorite craft espresso beverage in ice cream-form. Warm and sweet flavors of coffee...
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Churros = celebration, and sharing with friends! Cinnamon-sugar-covered fried dough dipped in Abuelita's hot chocolate. Doesn't get better than that. Add espresso for a caffeine...
Holiday time is here, and so are the cozy flavors of cream and cinnamon that comprise eggnog. Want to customize your flavor even further? Try...
Step right up for the sweet-and-salty combo that will remind you of carnival rides and the smell of caramel in the air! It's smiles all...
Opposites attract with this flavor: a sweet peach meets the zing of earthy ginger. Perfectly balanced with a hint of spice, this flavor is incredibly...
Cozy is key in this spiced, creamy flavor. Originating in India, golden milk (in its hot form) is known for its balanced, earthy flavor and...
Nothing says "Christmas morning at the grown-up table" like Irish Cream in your coffee. Notes of vanilla creme and hints of chocolate lend make this...
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Paradise is just behind the freezer door! Enjoy a burst of orange and mango, as if you were ordering it directly to your lounge chair....
These golden-yellow plums have been grown in Japan for over 1,000 years. Often described as a combination of an apricot and a peach, this flavor...
This flavor is inspired by the best dessert at the potluck picnic: lemon bars! No combo shines brighter than the zest of citrus and the...
Refreshing and earthy, this lemon ginger flavor is a reminder of summer days, and fresh beginnings. Citrusy and spicy, it can accompany a variety of...
A creamy, fruity dessert with all the freshness of a mango lassi plus the added complexity of cardamom. The taste of sweet mango paired with...
Ah, tastes like buying leaf-shaped maple candies in a tiny ski town in Vermont. With its chilly geographic origins, its no surprise that the flavor...
Sip (or, rather, spoon) this comforting treat on your porch while you watch the leaves fall. Cloves, cardamom, and black peppercorn combine for an earthy...
Summer barbecues never have to end, because mesquite smoke is here to stay. A bold, unique flavor that you've never seen in ice cream before....
Adventurous eaters will love the sweet heat of "spice-cream"! Habanero adds a touch of hot pepper spice, with a slightly-fruity and smoky taste that distinguishes...
As if tasting a glass of merlot while surrounded by lush, green grape vines, this flavor has all the dynamic qualities of wine without the...
Sweeten your day with the seasonal favorite, pecan prailine. The nutty, caramel flavors will remind you of your favorite winter, coffee shop favorites, and the...
Whether it's a vacation or a staycation, this piña colada flavor will make you feel like you're chillaxing by a palm tree grove. Notes of...
Your fave refreshing, magenta beverage-turned-ice cream! Notes of dragon fruit and coconut work together in this tropical combination that'll remind you of your summertime go-to....
Impress your dinner--or, dessert--guests with a delicious, gourmet flavor. A beloved flavor combination originating in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, cardamom and rose combines...
Nostalgia is close by with this flavor that reminds you of comic book shops and bulk sweets. Sweet and sour, like your favorite sour candies,...
It's that time of year again, when the kichen is swirling with scents of berries and spices. Try this winter berry mix of blueberries, raspberries,...
A classic for a reason! Spiced carrot cake features fall flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. Equally balanced on its own, or with a swirl of...
Up your dessert game to restaurant-level with ube tiramisu. Your table will feel like a fine dining room when it's hit with the sweet, earthiness...
Nothing like a fresh cinnamon bun on a snowy day. This warm, buttery, cinnamon-forward flavor is the perfect treat for the holidays (or any day...
Like a comfy night in, this flavor is soothing, homey, and relaxing. Enjoy the calming properties of lavender, and its unique, botanical flavor. The earthy...
Elegance and freshness: two elements that yuzu brings to your at-home happy hour, or sophisticated friends-night-in. This citrus fruit flavor (picture lemon-meets-lime-meets-grapefruit) adds a special...
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Customers are in love!

Hijinx users are obsessed with making unique, fun ice cream flavors!


"Delicious! This is love in the making" - Evan & Homa made ice cream with pizza flavor

Evan & Homa

"SO good!"

That came out SO good!" - Sarah made PB Chocolate Whisky ice cream for a friend she hadn't seen in over a year


"Super Creamy"

"Wow! Damn! Super Creamy!" - Abed made Matcha Marcarpone ice cream


"I'm Shook"

"I'm shook! I literally turned chips into ice cream! 10/10" - Skylar made Hot Cheetos & Takis Ice Creams



"mmmm" - Ilirian made Blueberry Goat Cheese Ice Cream


"This shit's GOOOOD!"

"interesting... wait.. this is actually really good. oh shit! It has like pickle particles in it. This shit's GOOOD!" - Kelsey made pickle ice cream!


"10/10 Bussin"

""What?! Bro! 10/10. Bussin!" - Ivan made Mac & Cheese Ice Cream


"Best Boozy Ice Cream"

"Whoever said that 'Money can't buy you happiness' has never had a boozy ice cream experience" - Eileen made Whisky Brown Butter ice cream


It's not just ice cream
It's an experience to cherish with friends & family

Treat your loved ones to a new experience!

Surprise your family and friends at your next gathering with an ice cream experience they won’t soon forget, like pizza-flavored ice cream!

Surprise someone with a unique gift!

Give the box as a whole or gift individual flavor sets as unique stocking stuffers!

Proudly create a flavor you can’t get in stores!

Personalize with add-ins, alcohol, or toppings.


Sugar, Cream Powder, Nonfat Dry Milk, Whey Powder, Lactose, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor, Gum Acacia, Cellulose Gum, and Guar Gum.



4. Is HIJINX mix all-natural?

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What the actual

1. How do I make ice cream with the Hijinx flavor bundle?

Blend 1 Hijinx packet with 1 flavor and 1.5 cups of warm water. For a creamier texture, use half & half instead of water. Let mixture stand for 30 minutes at room temperature, then freeze in an airtight container for 3-6 hours. As you would with any ice cream, thaw for several minutes until scoopable. Then enjoy!

2. How long does it take to create ice cream with ice cream mix?

3. How does Hijinx work?

4. How much of a flavor bottle do I add?

5. What are natural flavors?

6. Are any of your flavors artificial?

7. Is is better to use milk or water?

8. Can I use non-dairy milk?

9. Can I really make ice cream out of ANYthing?!

10. Can I make alcohol-infused ice cream?

11. Is it easy to make unique flavors?

12. Can I mix two flavor concentrates together?

13. Can I use this flavor concentrate for baked goods or anything else I cook?

14. Can I add alcohol to my flavor?

15. What comes in my flavor bundle?

16. How can I give a bundle as a gift?

17. What if I have questions that are specific to my bundle?

18. Do I have to use a blender?

19. How can ice cream be an experience?

20. What if I don't want to use my flavor bottles?

Impress yourself & others
with unique, custom ice cream
Dream Up a Flavor. Any Flavor.



We will create a custom recipe just for you!

Make a purchase and reply to our post-purchase email with your flavor ideas: it could be your favorite food, drink, ingredients in your pantry, left-overs in your fridge, the occasion or event you're making it for, your Grandpa's favorite football team (if you're making it for him), your friend's favorite movie... and we will send you a custom recipe using your cues. Simply follow the instructions to impress yourself & everyone else!