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Hijinx makes it easy to try something new (or use familiar favorites in a brand new way)! With our DIY ice cream mix, you can make any flavor of ice cream at home with just a blender. No ice cream maker needed! That means your favorite foods and drinks– from coffee to cocktails, and even hot sauce–can now become your favorite ice cream flavors!

 The Ice Cream

Our versatile ice cream mix is pretty simple: lactose, sugar, and the usual gums to add viscosity. And that’s what we like–simplicity! Hijinx takes care of all the ice-cream-making chemistry so it’s easy for you to experiment with and invent brand-new flavors. Simply blend your favorite ingredients with Hijinx and half & half, then freeze! Whether it’s a craving for a favorite cinnamon roll, or a desire to get adventurous with matcha mascarpone or bacon maple, Hijinx makes it easy to make any flavor, any time, at home.

 The Experience

Hijinx is more than just ice cream: it’s an experience. You can use Hijinx for all kinds of memory-making activities:


  • Create a couples’ flavor on date night 
  • Bring on-theme ice cream to a movie marathon
  • Challenge family members to a Chopped-style ingredient challenge. 

And so much more! When you create your signature flavor with our DIY ice cream mix, you go from just “ice cream foodie”, to “ice cream inventor”. You and your loved ones will value what you create over anything you could buy in a store.

Embrace the Hijinx Way

Hijinx is the perfect way to create an unforgettable experience with family, friends, and coworkers. Make every day a special occasion by “Hijinx”ing it up. When you create with Hijinx, you create memories!