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Wine pairing with wine ice cream

Just as wine can elevate the experience of eating complementary foods, wine ice cream can take culinary pairings to the next level. For a unique tasting experience that combines the sophistication of Wine Country with the fun of homemade ice cream, try pairing... 

Dry Wines with Sweet Stone Fruit Cobblers - A dry, white wine like a Pinot Gris can balance out the sweetness of stone fruits like plums, apricots, or peaches. Serve up a Pinot Gris ice cream with peach cobbler for a unique “a la mode” experience.

Moscato and Tangy Blue Cheeses - A super sweet moscato can do wonders with those pungent blue cheeses, like Roquefort or Gorgonzola. A creamy, moscato ice cream is the perfect complement to a gorgonzola onion tart, or simply a charcuterie board of assorted blue cheeses!

White Chocolate and Sauvignon Blanc - A light-bodied wine like Sauvignon Blanc adds a layer of fruitiness that doesn’t overpower the white chocolate. In fact, it can bring out the chocolate’s buttery, creamy qualities! Something like white chocolate blondies could share a harmonious plate with Sauvignon Blanc ice cream.

Rosé and Chocolate Cake - Finally, the perfect ice cream for a rich, molten lava cake: rosé ice cream. The light, berry-forward flavor provides the ideal complement for an ultra rich cake that could use a lighter partner. 

Whether you host a wines-cream/chocolate tasting night for your friends, or simply create a Pinot Grigio Pear ice cream to top tonight’s lemon tart, a wine ice cream pairing is a unique way to delight any dessert-lover (or maybe convert those non-dessert-people who don’t like super-sweet treats).

Making homemade wine ice cream (with your wines of choice) has never been easier. Thanks to Hijinx, you can create custom wine ice cream at home, with just a blender.


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