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What are vegan ice cream toppings?

When it's time to jazz up your dairy-free dessert, the #1 question is: “Where are all the good vegan ice cream toppings?”. You’re not limited by your lifestyle or dietary restrictions; nowadays, plant-based toppings are hiding in plain sight at your local supermarket.

Finding unique and tasty toppings isn't always easy, folks. Consider one plant-based enthusiast who recently shared that after she tried sprinkling her sundae with traditional granola... it tasted too bland for her liking. Now she's hesitant to experiment again, fearing she'll never discover truly delicious plant-based ice cream toppings. But if you know what to look for (and what aisle to look in), you’ll find everything from vegan chocolate chips, to vegan marshmallows, and more!


Table of Contents:

  • Embracing the Vegan Ice Cream Revolution
  • Building Your Ultimate Vegan Ice Cream Sundae
  • FAQs in Relation to Vegan Ice Cream Toppings
  • Conclusion


Embracing the Vegan Ice Cream Revolution

The vegan revolution of this frozen indulgence isn't just about replacing milk with plant-based alternatives, but also recreating your go-to ice cream flavors without any compromise on taste or texture. Brands like Forager Ice Cream, have made it their mission to offer scrumptious vegan versions that are every bit as satisfying and delicious as traditional ones.

You might be wondering how these brands have managed to create such delightful treats using non-dairy ingredients? Well, they've simply tapped into innovative food science techniques and high-quality plant-derived substitutes for dairy products. This means you can enjoy everything from creamy vanilla ice cream sundaes topped with coconut whipped cream or dark chocolate sauce without worrying about lactose intolerance or dietary restrictions.

Building Your Ultimate Vegan Ice Cream Sundae

A vegan ice cream sundae is more than just a dessert; it's an experience. Each layer contributes to the overall flavor profile, starting with a base of creamy vanilla dairy-free ice cream and ending with a fluffy dollop of vegan whipped cream.

The beauty lies in the customization - from fresh fruits for that juicy burst to granola adding crunchiness or nugget chip cube crushed love offering unique texture. The options are endless.


Choosing Your Base

Picking your base sets the tone for your ultimate vegan ice cream sundae. It could be anything as classic as store bought vanilla oat milk ice cream, or homemade adventurous flavors like dairy-free s’mores ice cream. If you can’t find the flavor you’re looking for in the stores, you can make your own, homemade plant-based ice cream using Hijinx, a plant-based, DIY ice cream mix that turns any ingredient into ice cream. Check out the Hijinx website for a ton of vegan recipes that only require a blender.

Dairy-free doesn't mean tasteless. Brands like Forager have made sure their products pack full-bodied flavors ensuring you don't miss out on any part of this delightful treat.


Vegan Ice Cream Toppings

Vegan sour gummy bears


Get ready for a blast. Peanut butter fans can rejoice because gr8nola has introduced peanut butter flavored granola which pairs well with most go-to ice-cream flavors and adds that extra oomph we all crave. Or perhaps add chocolate chips if you're looking for something traditional yet delicious? Here are some additional toppings you may not have considered (or realized were plant-based):

  • Chocolate Sauce: Hershey's has got us covered by providing chocolate sauce that ticks off all our requirements: rich, thick & 100% plant-based. This chocolate syrup is just as delicious, and ticks all of your dietary boxes.
  • Sour Patch Kids: surprisingly vegan, delicious, and adds that sour kick you might be craving.
  • Oreos: Oreos are entirely vegan! So you can go to town on that cookies-and-(not) cream ice cream now. If you’re not an Oreo fan, try pieces of dairy-free chocolate chip cookies.
  • Whole Foods, Amazon, and other retailers carry Vegan Peanut Butter Cups from brands like Justin’s, Unreal, and even Reese’s!
  • Nuts: Nuts like pecans, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts pair well with many ice cream flavors, like Ginger Peach, Campfire S’mores, and more.
  • Fruit: Obviously you can use any fruit as a topping or mix-in, like pineapple, blueberries, dragon fruit, etc.
  • Homemade Fruit Sauces: If homemade is what tickles your fancy then consider making caramel using coconut milk or strawberry sauce using ripe strawberries - simple ingredients but oh so tasty results.
  • Vegan Marshmallows: Bring back your favorite childhood treat with vegan marshmallows from brands like Dandies.


FAQs in Relation to Vegan Ice Cream Toppings


What is the market research on vegan ice cream?

The global vegan ice cream market is projected to reach $805 million by 2025, driven by increasing consumer awareness about animal welfare and health benefits of plant-based diets.


What’s in dairy-free ice cream?

Vegan ice creams use alternatives like almond, soy, coconut or oat milk instead of dairy. Also, sweeteners (such as cane sugar or agave syrup), natural flavors and sometimes stabilizers for texture improvement.


Why is vegan ice cream healthier?

Vegan ice creams generally have fewer saturated fats compared to their dairy counterparts. Plus, they offer dietary fiber from plants which can aid digestion.



Embracing the vegan ice cream revolution is a delicious journey. You can build your own ice cream sundae using your favorite flavors and toppings, without compromising your lifestyle. Whether it’s plant-based chocolate ice cream with vegan marshmallows and peanut butter, or something wilder, it’s going to taste extra good because it’s yours.

Vegan ice cream toppings are versatile - from nutritious granola to homemade sauces and dairy-free whipped creams. Now it's time for you to customize your own ice cream with an ice cream mix like Hijinx! Craft your own unique sundae with your custom homemade ice cream. Get creative with those toppings, mix-ins, and flavors - let's redefine what a sundae can be together!



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