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Weird Ice Cream Flavors

If you’re always trying new things, you’ll never be bored. Regularly introducing new experiences into your life can be a great way to fend off monotony and keep your creativity flowing. And “regularly introducing new experiences” doesn’t necessarily mean skydiving on Monday, base jumping on Tuesday, lion-taming on Wednesday, etc. Even trying unique foods more often can broaden your horizon–and your taste buds. 

Why stick with the same old bowl of vanilla every night when you could be mixing and matching sweet and savory, tart and tangy, spicy and earthy? Why not experiment with ice cream recipes that include barbecue sauce, alcohol, hot sauce, pop rocks, etc.? The following easy-to-make, weird ice cream flavors are a must-try for anyone looking to add some adventure into their life. 

Not only that, but these crazy ice cream flavors are crazy easy to make at home, with just a blender. 


1. BBQ Swirl 

 Combine the savory sweetness of BBQ sauce with the creaminess of ice cream with this BBQ swirl ice cream recipe. Bet you’ve never tasted something like this before! Fun fact: many barbecue sauces do contain brown sugar, so there’s a dessert-like element in there from the start. Maybe, just maybe…barbecue sauce is…DESSERT?!

Barbecue sauce ice cream can be an unexpected side dish to grilled meat at the family barbecue, or as a topper to grandma’s beloved jalapeño cornbread. Life’s too short to eat the same things over and over again–so it’s time to put a spin on old-favorites.


2. Sake & Sushi

Contrary to the “sushi” in the name, there isn’t actually any fish in this Sake and Sushi ice cream. However, there is rice, nori (seaweed paper), rice milk, and sake. If you’re a fan of Japanese food and you’re looking for a new way to consume it, there’s never been a better recipe.

Culinary experimentation can feel daunting, especially since ice cream-making can require complex chemistry and heavy, expensive machinery like ice cream makers. Not to mention, not even knowing where to start with something like Sake & Sushi ice cream. Luckily, ice cream starter mixes make homemade ice cream a breeze. Simply add the ingredients with which you’d like to experiment, then blend and freeze to create crazy ice cream! With such little effort, there’s no reason not to try making something new.


3. Everything Bagel

Everything bagel ice cream in a mason jar, surrounded by plain bagels.

Bow down to the original crazy ice cream flavor: everything bagel. 

Seasoned with…everything (poppy seeds, salt, sesame, etc.), this unorthodox mix does not disappoint. Pieces of streusel balance out the savory elements in this New Yorker-approved dessert that you can easily make at home! If you think you can handle the taste of garlic and ice cream, this may be a big hit. 

Sure, Jeni’s did it first and paved the way for bagel-ice-cream-lovers everywhere. However, it may be a long wait and a hefty price tag to ship that–or really, any–novelty flavor to your door. Not to mention, what if you don’t even like it?! Recreating trendy ice cream flavors at home is the best way to get the flavor you want, on-demand. You can even make your own, customized versions of flavors like Van Leeuwen’s Dijon Mustard, or Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Ice cream starter powder makes it easy to create your own versions of these ice creams at home: no waiting, and you can adjust the flavors to your personal tastes.


4. Blue Cheese & Fig

“Cheese ice cream” may not sound appealing at first, but trust me–you’re not going to want to put the spoon down. Extremes are in play with this flavor: sweet fig, and tangy, savory blue cheese. Like a good charcuterie board, Blue Cheese & Fig ice cream is all about unexpected pairings accompanying one another. 

Speaking of charcuterie, you can create a grazing board that features cheese-based ice cream like this one! You can even feature other weird ice cream flavors like Honey Rosemary Walnut ice cream, which would naturally lend itself to a cheese-board-style menu. Invite friends over for an ice cream charcuterie party, or even pair it with your favorite complementary wines and cocktails. Look out world: someone’s just upped their charcuterie game.

Adventure-ize Your life with Weird Ice Cream Flavors

The best kind of adventure truly is a food adventure. That’s why introducing weird ice cream flavors into your life is a great way to make every day a little extra special! Try new flavors from around the world, and share them with friends and family. 

Plus, when you use Hijinx ice cream mix, you can make crazy ice cream flavors you’d never find in stores! Simply pour in your ingredients, then blend and freeze for easy, homemade ice cream you can make with just a blender. No ice cream maker is required for maximum creativity. It’s never been easier to refine your palate while experimenting with your culinary imagination in your own home.

What weird flavor will you make next?




Kristy B.
12:44 Thursday.29 December 2022

Hi there! I love Hijinx & just wanted to add some flavor suggestions, all American regional specialties: Teaberry/Wintergreen ice cream (rarely seen outside of maybe 2 states) Midwestern Mulberry, Huckleberry ice cream (popular in Montana) and Southern Pawpaw, Persimmon & the super rare taste of Maypop (North American passion fruit) I would LOVE to see some of these unusual, regional ice cream flavors on your flavor list!

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