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The Easiest 5 Best Homemade Ice Cream Flavors That Will Make You Feel Like a Top Chef

Whether you’re a seasoned cook, a DIY home baker, or a professional delivery orderer, making ice cream can be intimidating. With all the chemistry and equipment you need for traditional methods of ice cream-making, creating the best ice cream can feel like the worst task. Not to mention, making exciting flavors — beyond vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry — feels like a whole extra mess. Even when you want to make Food Network-style desserts, it might feel like it’s impossible to make the best ice cream without an industrial kitchen.

Luckily, there are some trade secrets to creating the easiest, best homemade ice cream flavors, with minimal stress. Helpful starters like Hijinx ice cream powder can make it simple for you to create gourmet-level flavors that will have your taste-testers thinking you’ve been making ice cream for years. Check out these simple recipes for sophisticated ice cream flavors that will impress every guest.

1. Expresso Martini 

 Pouring coffee over espresso martini ice cream surrounded by coffee beans and cookies.

If you want to feel like an Italian socialite, you drink an espresso martini. If you want to feel like an Italian socialite who just happens to make incredible ice cream, you eat espresso martini ice cream in front of the TV — while watching Fellini films in a ballgown. This recipe has only 4 ingredients — including real alcohol — and the results are peak sophistication. Hijinx ice cream mix, your favorite espresso, your choice of coffee liqueur, and half & half — minus the vodka for this particular recipe — are all you need to create an elevated, coffee-flavored scoop with the kick of alcohol. 

This is a recipe you can make to add an element of class to nearly any occasion: a treat for a casual night in with friends, to serve alongside buttery cookies as the finale to a dinner party, or the perfect accompaniment to a marathon of classic Italian cinema. For a memorable presentation, serve in a martini glass dressed in a chocolate drizzle.

2. Blueberry Goat Cheese

An ice cream scoop with blueberry goat cheese ice cream.

Goat cheese is the perfect mix of tangy and savory, so it shines when mixed with the sweet-tartness of blueberries and creates one of the best ice creams. As an ice cream, this is an elevated and unique flavor that stands alone just as well as it complements a pie or cake. Plus, you can use your goat cheese of choice for an even more personalized flavor. Top your award-winning lemon bars with blueberry goat cheese ice cream, or serve in brightly-colored bowls as a refreshing treat for your book club — bonus points if the book is about ice cream. 

Making your own gourmet ice cream is a surefire way to impress your loved ones and this recipe to make homemade ice cream is simple and easy. Imagine your in-laws' faces when you casually drop by with a homemade Blueberry Goat Cheese ice cream to share. Simply add goat cheese, blueberries, half & half, and Hijinx ice cream mix for creamy, unique ice cream. Not a Top Chef just yet? Hijinx makes it easy for anyone — at any skill level — to make the best homemade ice cream. Now’s the time to try your hand at ice cream making. 

3. Peanut Butter Ginger

A dish of peanut butter ginger ice cream next to an ice cream scoop.

A creamy, perfectly-spicy match made in flavor heaven. The best ice cream flavors take flavor risks, and this one is a risk worth taking. A scoop of peanut butter ginger feels like it’d be served on a Top Chef plate alongside a very fancy souffle. 

A flavor that combines two genres of flavors — like sweet and spicy — is one that will pack a greater punch than a one-note flavor like vanilla, or even simply peanut butter. Make this flavor as a gift for a foodie friend, or bring it to your sister who just moved to a new apartment and needs a little comfort food. There’s no present that’s sweeter than food.

4. Pinot Grigio & Caramelized Pear

Scoops of Pinot Grigio ice cream in a bowl, topped with a mint leaf.

Nothing says “Top Chef” like the word “caramelized”. Add a sophisticated wine ice cream into the mix, and you’re on your way to a Ramsey-approved dish. Whether you use your favorite wine or simply the cheapest one at the supermarket, a Pinot Grigio ice cream will make you look like a seasoned professional. 

Wine ice cream is a creamy, elegant treat that highlights the wine’s subtle notes in a new way. Plus, announcing that you’ll be serving “Syrah Chocolate Ice Cream” tonight will sound like a Michelin-star chef addressing their restaurant. But don’t be intimidated by making alcohol-infused ice cream — it’s not just for the pros. While traditional methods of making the best ice cream would render it a challenging task, we now have alternative methods that make boozy ice cream as simple as blending and freezing. With ice cream mixes, like Hijinx ice cream mix, it’s as easy as pouring a glass of wine in with your other ingredients — no special trinkets or care is necessary. 

5. Coconut Curry

An ice cream cone topped with yellow ice cream (coconut curry ice cream).

The best homemade ice cream isn’t always super sweet — sometimes, it’s perfectly savory. Coconut Curry ice cream is a balanced and unique flavor that showcases both spices, and sweetness. Using flavors from around the globe can bring fresh inspiration and new combinations in a way that would impress even the hardest-to-impress “Chopped” judge.

Anyone that tries your savory ice cream is sure to be impressed by the best ice cream ever to come from someone’s blender. Conclude your South Asian dinner with Coconut Curry ice cream, or bring it to your friend’s potluck Sunday dinner. Delight your parents with the flavors of their childhood, or revisit your vacation to Thailand with the flavor that reminds you of the cuisine.

The Best Homemade Ice Cream

Making your own homemade gourmet ice cream can be super easy and fun it doesn't need to be daunting and you don't need a complicated ice cream maker to do the job either. Hijinx is a revolutionary new way to make the best homemade ice cream without all of the fuss. With Hijinx ice cream mix, it takes minimal effort to create some of the best ice cream flavors you probably would never have imagined you’d make yourself. Simply add your ingredients to Hijinx and half & half, then blend and freeze. When you can focus on creativity instead of the complex chemistry of traditional ice-cream-making methods, your brilliant ideas can truly shine.

Have you tried one or more of these recipes to make homemade ice cream? Let us know how it turned out — we want to hear you brag!



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