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The Best Ice Cream Ideas for Weddings

How to Personalize Your Wedding with Custom Ice Cream

Wedding planning can be taxing on many levels. Not only must you exert physical energy to scout venues, mail invitations, and purchase attire, but also the mental energy of deciding who to invite or what to write in your vows. Plus, the big question: “how do we personalize our wedding so it stays ours?”.

While there are a million little ways to customize your wedding, food is certainly one of them. And what better food item to please a crowd, than ice cream? Serving signature ice cream at weddings can be a unique, delicious way to bring a little bit of your personality (as individuals, as a couple, and as a family) into pieces of your wedding. From a wedding ice cream bar to boozy ice cream cocktails, here are some ways in which you can utilize ice cream to personalize your special day!


1. Complement Your Cake with a Flavor that Represents You as a Couple

Serving ice cream at weddings can be a unique, unexpected element that guests will love. Why settle for what everyone else is serving, when you could surprise friends and family with custom ice cream that pairs with your cake, represents your personality, or says something about you as a couple?

Pair your wedding cake with some signature ice cream that says a little something about the newlyweds. If one partner’s personality is sweet and another is a bit salty at times, make your guests chuckle with a Chocolate-Covered Pretzel ice cream flavor. If you met in your hometown of New Orleans, delight family members with Beignet Chicory Coffee ice cream. Even use your names as inspiration! For example, Ricky and Maddy might become the flavor, “ricotta & madeleine cookies”. Whatever best represents you can be transformed into unique ice cream for weddings. 

Couple eating ice cream cones in front of a black and white striped wall.


2.  Serve Guests a Wedding Cake-Flavored Ice Cream

If you’re not into cake and you’re searching for a non-traditional wedding dessert, cake-flavored ice cream might be the happy medium. An ice cream flavor that features frosting, sprinkles, and decorations–without the actual baked portion–can satisfy the flavor cravings in a new and exciting way. Try a Raspberry Chocolate Ganache ice cream, or even something whimsical like Funfetti! Serve your cake-flavored ice cream at a wedding ice cream bar (see item #5 below), or have it served at the table as a formal dessert. 

If you do opt for an actual cake, you can remake it in ice cream form to celebrate your first anniversary! Surprise your spouse by transforming your reception’s red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting into red velvet cake ice cream. Simply blend an ice cream base and half & half, then–after blending–mix pieces of said cake into the mixture.


3. Signature Boozy Ice Cream for Cocktail Hour

Guests’ jaws will drop when they notice that the traditional signature cocktail has been replaced by signature boozy ice cream! Delight your friends and family with a true ice cream bar, featuring spiked flavors like Espresso Martini or Bellini (minus the bubbles). Repurpose your favorite liquors, wine, or beer into a whimsical libation that will have everyone talking for years to come.

Row of yellow sorbet in wine glasses with cherries.


4. Signature Ice Cream in Lieu of a Cocktail Hour

If you’re nixing alcohol altogether and are searching for a fun, non-alcoholic option to get the party started, try signature ice cream in place of the typical cocktail hour! 

Serve up mocktail flavors like Lime Margarita (just lime juice, agave, half & half, and Hijinx–sans tequila), or Piña Colada (coconut milk, coconut cream, pineapple, and Hijinx–sans rum).  Or, if you prefer, veer away from drink flavors altogether, and opt for comfort scoops like Cinnamon Roll or PB&J that will give your guests a dose of happy nostalgia. 


5. Surprise Guests with a Wedding Ice Cream Bar! 

Set out bowls or jars of toppings like candy, nuts, and even spices. Have guests line up to get scoops of signature ice cream from a vendor freezer, then create their own unique sundaes for dessert. Whether this takes the place of cake or simply acts as its own activity for all ages, you can’t lose with a custom ice cream experience. 

A wedding ice cream bar is an experience to remember, especially when the ice cream itself is personalized to your specifications. With a variety of guests and tastes, finding one flavor that suits everyone can be a daunting challenge. Providing custom ice cream flavors at your wedding ice cream bar can be the simplest solution to pleasing as many guests as possible. Ice cream starter mix makes it easy to create various customized flavors, with different mix-ins in each flavor, using just a blender. For example, you could easily have a wedding bar with Alcohol-Infused Bellini ice cream, one with Lemon Raspberry sorbet with chocolate chips, and another with Wasabi Cucumber ice cream.


6. DIY Ice Cream Mix as a Wedding Favor 

Forget glasses that will break or a tin of mints that will get lost. How about sending guests home with something they can use? Give each guest a packet of homemade ice cream mix that will help them create their dream ice cream flavor at home with just a blender. With this useful gift, you’re giving your loved ones an opportunity to continue the fun at home, and reminisce on your special day while they do so. They can even create couples’ flavors with their own partners as a date night or anniversary activity.


Hijinx ice cream packets next to ice cream cones and bowls of green and pink ice cream.


Don’t Settle for what Everyone Has–Customize Your Wedding to YOUR Taste!

Signature ice cream is a unique and delicious way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Guests will love a wedding ice cream bar that includes multiple flavor options, or a signature ice cream flavor that represents you and your spouse. Most importantly, customized ice cream for weddings is a useful way to make sure you love the menu for your own special day. And DIY food experiences like Hijinx ice cream mix make it incredibly easy to do so! 

With Hijinx, you don’t have to worry about fussing with expensive ice cream machines. All you have to do is mix your ingredients with their ice cream starter packet, freeze it, and enjoy! Making ice cream at home has never been easier or more fun. Create your own unique flavors and enjoy the Hijinx ice cream experience.

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