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The Best and Most Unique Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Ah, tradition: the thing that makes the holidays so special. Every year on Thanksgiving, we can look forward to eating the same beloved dishes, sometimes made by the same people. There’s joy and security in knowing that every year those favorite treats will be right there waiting. The cornbread, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie…the list goes on. 

While tradition makes for joy and security, it can also get a little…predictable. So why not add some pizzazz to your favorite Thanksgiving flavors to create something unexpected? Switching things up doesn’t mean changing everything–it may just mean putting a spin on the classics! Check out these 5 ideas for the best Thanksgiving desserts that add a little dose of something new.

1. Corn Ice Cream

Cup of corn ice cream with spoon in it, on a blue picnic table.


If crumbly cornbread doesn’t appeal (or it does, but you finished it all), try sweet corn ice cream. The sweetness of the corn makes for an unexpectedly delicious dessert. It works as a topping to something tart like a berry crumble, so don’t be afraid to pair it with other genres of dessert on your table!

Imagine your friends and family polishing off their bowls of corn ice cream, in awe of your gourmet ice cream-making skills. They’ll never expect it to have come from your kitchen, instead of a gourmet ice cream shop. This sweet scoop with a hint of vanilla and black pepper is an elevated-yet-simple dessert that feels high-end without high-end effort.

2. Miso Caramel Apple Pie with Bourbon Brown Butter Ice Cream

Miso apple pie with bourbon brown butter ice cream on a plate.


For the adventurous eaters, try pairing a sweet-and-savory pie topped with rich, boozy ice cream like bourbon brown butter. The best Thanksgiving desserts are better a la mode, so why not make that frozen topping something to drool over?

This pairing is perfect for your sophisticated, foodie friends that throw adventurous dinner parties. Just picture their faces when you walk through the door with a dessert pairing that sounds like an item on a Michelin-star menu. Plus, when you use an ice cream mix to make this recipe at home, you can use your favorite bourbon to customize the dish even further.


3. Sweet Potato and Maple Pecan Ice Cream

Sweet potato and maple pecan ice cream

Repurpose your sweet potatoes for this easy Thanksgiving dessert recipe that features the comforting flavors of fall. Surprise grandma with this frozen version of her sweet potato pie, or delight the Friendsgiving table with this unexpected dessert. The best Thanksgiving desserts are the ones that can please a crowd–and this one certainly will. 

Standing over a stove or checking on baked goods in the oven can be tedious–not to mention you have to ensure nothing burns to a crisp. Simplicity is the key to keeping Thanksgiving desserts manageable, especially on top of all the other cooking that day. Luckily, this super simple sweet potato and maple pecan ice cream recipe only requires sweet potato, maple pecans, half & half, and a simple ice cream mix. Just blend it up and throw it into the freezer! No stirring, no dough-making, and no burning your hand on a hot pot. Plus, it pairs well with other flavors from this list like corn ice cream, and candied yams & white chocolate (below).

4. Cheesecake with Cranberry Ice Cream

Cheesecake on black plate next to a spoonful of red ice cream.

Put a new spin on cranberry sauce this year, with cranberry sauce ice cream! Blow canned cran’ out of the water with a unique cranberry ice cream flavor that still carries the nostalgia of the dish. Tangy and creamy, this cranberry sauce ice cream recipe is an excellent topper to the rich cream cheese-y taste of New York cheesecake.

The best Thanksgiving desserts are not always 100% homemade–and that’s okay! While making a cheesecake a la mode from scratch might feel like far too much with the rest of your to-do list around the holidays, making portions of a dessert from scratch can be the perfect compromise. Spice up a store-bought cheesecake with this easy Thanksgiving dessert recipe; your guests will never guess the ice cream wasn’t store-bought as well. An ice cream base mix is a useful tool that makes it simple and easy to make custom, homemade ice cream using just a blender, so you don’t lose your holiday-shopping time.


5. Candied Yams and White Chocolate Ice Cream

Marble bowl of orange ice cream.

Don’t doubt the power of yams as a satisfying dessert! This recipe for Candied Yams and White Chocolate ice cream is simple and filled with complex flavor combinations. It also features ingredients–like cinnamon and nutmeg–that you’ll already have on hand, making the prep very minimal. Like the sweet potato and corn ice cream above, this easy Thanksgiving dessert recipe is one that highlights vegetables you wouldn’t normally see in ice cream. And yet, this iconic Thanksgiving side dish can become the center of attention and be one of the best Thanksgiving desserts! 

This one is already great if you even have some leftover yams after Thanksgiving prep, and don’t want to waste the remains. This recipe is so easy that you can even whip it up the day after Thanksgiving to perk up the family when they’re on the holiday comedown. It takes only a few minutes to prep, and 3-6 hours to freeze while you spend quality time with your loved ones.

Try Something New and Easy This Thanksgiving Season

Bringing something new and special to the table (literally) can be the perfect way to show friends and family that you care. Whether you’re showing off your Cranberry ice cream at a Friendsgiving potluck, or delighting your Thanksgiving guests with Sweet Potato & Maple Pecan ice cream (don’t tell the kids about those secret veggies), custom Thanksgiving ice cream is the perfect way to blend nostalgic flavors and new recipes.

When it comes to holiday cooking, it can feel overwhelming to cook familiar favorites let alone new things. But just because a recipe is new, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s complicated! With these recipes, it’s never been more convenient to create easy Thanksgiving dessert recipes that you simply blend and freeze and Hijinx ice cream mix is your secret magic ingredient. 

Hijinx is an easy-to-use ice cream base that allows you to make any kind of amazing ice cream you can think of to create some of the best Thanksgiving desserts. You don’t need all of those expensive ice cream machines and gadgets. If you have a blender, you can make delicious, homemade DIY ice cream in a flash! Explore innovative easy homemade ice cream recipes and Hijinx your gathering this Thanksgiving! 




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