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Plant-Based Party Must-Haves: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cake

Creating a vegan ice cream cake is an exciting adventure; a choose-your-own adventure, at that. A birthday cake should always be about YOU, and when you can personalize your ingredients to be non-dairy, gluten-free, or whatever variation your heart desires, the day can be about you, and not about checking food labels.

This dairy-free, egg-free dessert can be easily prepared for a delectable treat that will wow your guests. Plus, you can make ice cream cake with just a blender when you use a plant-based DIY ice cream mix. Making your own vegan ice cream cake at home can be fun, rewarding, and surprisingly simple! And spoiler alert: it doesn’t just have to be vanilla ice cream.


Table of Contents:

  • The Joy of Vegan Ice Cream Cakes
  • Crafting the Perfect Vegan Ice Cream Cake at Home
  • Exploring Flavor Variations
  • Storing Leftover Vegan Ice Cream Cake
  • FAQs in Relation to Vegan Ice Cream Cake
  • Conclusion


The Joy of Vegan Ice Cream Cakes

You might be wondering if it's tricky making such an impressive dessert at home? Well, here comes the best part. Creating your own vegan ice cream cake can be straightforward and fun too. Now you can create a custom ice cream cake that’s made exactly to your tastes and specifications. Plant-based chocolate ice cream with potato chips? Done. Vegan cookie dough ice cream with plant-based, gluten-free cookie dough? Done. Plus, plant-based ice cream tends to be lower in cholesterol than dairy ice creams, making it a somewhat heart-healthy option (depending on the other ingredients).

And guess what else makes these cakes so thrilling? The endless possibilities for creativity. Experimenting with different plant-based ice cream brands offers numerous options from cashew milk to coconut milk-based ones, providing that desired creamy texture similar to their dairy counterparts.


Crafting Your Own Masterpiece

Making a perfect homemade vegan ice cream cake involves some tips and tricks that could make things easier, even for beginners.

  1. To start off smoothly without hiccups while assembling layers, work in parts rather than trying everything at once.
  2. Parchment paper becomes handy when removing the springform pan after freezing, ensuring the intact presentation of your beautiful creation.
  3. Incorporating a plant-based magic shell made out of melted coconut oil mixed with cocoa powder adds extra crunchiness, contrasting well against the softness provided by both layers, giving every bite balanced satisfaction.


Crafting the Perfect Vegan Ice Cream Cake at Home

Create your own delicious vegan ice cream cake at home. Follow the upcoming easy recipe and explore unique plant-based flavors for a guilt-free treat.


Choosing the Right Ingredients

The secret to a great vegan ice cream cake lies in selecting high-quality ingredients. Opt for plant-based ice cream brands that offer rich flavors and smooth consistencies, such as cashew milk or coconut milk-based options. When choosing other elements like chocolate frosting or sweeteners, consider organic products for enhanced flavor and added nutritional benefits.

Or, you can make your own plant-based ice cream! This can broaden your ice cream flavor options and give you more control over your ingredients. It’s your birthday cake, after all!


How to Make Homemade Plant-Based Ice Cream

Mixing and matching your ice cream layers is part of the creativity in making your own ice cream cake. So you may as well go all-out! Using a DIY ice cream mix like Hijinx is an easy way to create ANY flavor of plant-based ice cream you want—without an ice cream maker. All you need is Hijinx-V and water.

Step 1: Blend 1 packet of Hijinx-V with 1.5 cups of water until thoroughly combined.

Step 2: Let stand for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Freeze in an airtight container for 4-6 hours.

Step 4: Thaw and enjoy!


Assembling Your Cake

Assembling your vegan ice cream cake is where the magic happens. 

  • Line a loaf pan with parchment paper for easy removal and to ensure the layers stay intact during the assembly process.
  • Spread one even layer of ice cream, then place back in the freezer to harden the ice cream layer before moving on to the next one. Then, ice/decorate your cake if desired.
  • If you’re adding a layer of gluten-free sponge cake to your ice cream layers, ensure your cake layer is cooled first. Spoon a layer of softened vegan ice cream onto the cooled cake, ensuring an even spread across the surface. Repeat this process until you have used up all the ice cream.

Patience is key during this stage in making your dairy-free ice cream cake. Slowly complete each stage, making sure to give every piece of the cake ample care and affection.


Exploring Flavor Variations

Vegan ice cream cake is a playground of flavor exploration. With countless plant-based ice creams on the market and the option to make your own, you can experiment with classic favorites or venture into new taste territories. Try these flavor combinations out:

Want more inspiration? Check out these easy recipes for plant-based ice cream!


Storing Leftover Vegan Ice Cream Cake

Besides proper wrapping techniques (wrapping tightly with plastic wrap to preserve shape), temperature control plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of your frozen treats. For optimal results, aim to keep your frozen desserts at a temperature of -5°F to 0°F (-20°C to -18°C). Any warmer than this range might cause the ice cream to soften slightly over time, altering its texture.


The Art Of Freezing And Thawing Your Vegan Ice Cream Cake

If you're freezing leftovers of our star attraction - the vegan ice cream cake - consider slicing them beforehand into individual portions. This allows for easy thawing without compromising on taste and texture.

To defrost effectively while maintaining the originality in every bite, move each slice from the freezer to the refrigerator about half an hour prior to serving time. Remember, though: don't leave the slices out for too long, as they may start melting. Even fridge temperature—not just room temperature—isn’t cold enough to keep ice cream frozen forever.


Pitfalls To Avoid When Storing Frozen Desserts

In addition to proper wrapping techniques and maintaining correct temperatures, there are other factors that could affect the quality during storage:

  • Air exposure inside containers leads to drying out.
  • Holding past the recommended use-by dates diminishes the flavor over time.
  • Refreezing frozen items after they have been previously thawed causes crystallization. Yikes.

Keep these tips handy for the next round if you've got extra pieces lying around.


FAQs in Relation to Vegan Ice Cream Cake

Can you buy vegan ice cream?

Absolutely. Many grocery stores carry a variety of dairy-free ice cream cakes made from plant-based milks like almond, coconut, and cashew.

Are Dairy Queen cakes made with ice cream?

Yes, Dairy Queen's signature cakes are indeed crafted with layers of their soft-serve ice cream and other sweet fillings.

What does Dairy Queen use for ice cream cake?

Dairy Queen uses its classic vanilla or chocolate soft serve as the base for their ice cream cakes, layered with fudge and cookie crumbles.

Does Ben and Jerry's make vegan ice cream cake?

No official vegan options are currently available in Ben & Jerry’s line-up of ready-made ice cream cakes. However, they do offer several flavors of dairy-free/vegan-friendly pints that can be used to create your own at home.



Embracing the joy of dairy-free ice cream cakes has never been easier. You have now got the hang of making your own vegan ice cream cake with some simple ingredients and a straightforward method. You’ve now delved into selecting high-quality plant-based ice creams and assembling your cake with precision for the best results. With flavor options abound - from strawberry to hot honey peanut butter— there's something for everyone in this dairy-free dessert world.

Ready to explore more options? Try crafting other homemade ice cream flavors! With Hijinx, it's all about celebrating the creamy goodness of frozen treats without any guilt, or allergy worry. Explore more delicious recipes and unique flavors on the Hijinx website. Your journey towards mastering vegan desserts starts here.



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