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How to Make Beer-Flavored Ice Cream at Home

Beer-flavored ice cream is an exciting trend that's stirring up the culinary world. This unique fusion of two beloved indulgences—craft beer and craft ice cream—has caught the attention of dessert enthusiasts and beer aficionados alike, creating a buzz in kitchens around the globe. In this comprehensive guide, you can explore how popular brands are driving this trend and how craft breweries contribute to flavor diversity. Plus, you’ll learn how to choose the right beer for making your own delicious ice cream concoctions at home.


Table of Contents:

  • The Trending Dessert: Beer-Flavored Ice Cream
  • Accidental Discoveries in Culinary Experiments
  • Choosing the Right Beer for Your Homemade Ice Cream
  • How to Make Beer-Flavored Ice Cream at Home Using an Ice Cream Maker
  • Easier Version: How to Make No-Churn Beer Ice Cream
  • Conclusion


The Trending Dessert: Beer-Flavored Ice Cream

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Beer and ice cream - two things that are loved separately, but when combined, create a unique and delicious dessert experience. Craft beer enthusiasts and dessert lovers are going crazy over the rising popularity of beer-flavored ice cream.

Sweet Action Ice Cream: Collaborating for a Unique Taste

Sweet Action Ice Cream is one of the innovative brands that are taking the lead in this delicious revolution. They offer unique flavors featuring different versions of Great Divide Brewing's Yeti Imperial Stout.

Salt & Straw: Using Local Brews

Each flavor brings out distinct notes from the stout, creating an unforgettable tasting experience for consumers. Tyler Malek from Salt & Straw Ice Cream crafts his own version using local brewers' products. This not only results in exciting new flavors but also supports local businesses - a win-win situation.

Miller High Life's Boozy Ice Cream Collaboration with Tipsy Scoop

Miller High Life, the champagne of beers, has teamed up with Tipsy Scoop, a New York-based ice cream company, to create an alcoholic ice cream bar that celebrates Miller High Life's 100th anniversary. Real Miller High Life Beer is infused into the ice cream, making it a perfect treat for adults.


Accidental Discoveries in Culinary Experiments

A mug of beer with froth

Some of the tastiest delights in cooking are unplanned discoveries. Take Frozen Pints, for example - a popular beer-flavored ice cream brand that was discovered by accident.

Interesting Stories Behind Famous Recipes

The founder of Frozen Pints, Ari Fleischer, stumbled upon his signature treat during a party when beer spilled into an ice-cream maker. This happy accident led to the discovery that beer and ice cream could harmonize beautifully. Ari experimented with different types and flavors of beers until he found combinations that worked perfectly for creating unique frozen desserts.

But Frozen Pints isn't the only recipe that was discovered by accident. Did you know that chocolate chip cookies were invented because Ruth Graves Wakefield ran out of regular baker's chocolate and decided to use chopped up semi-sweet chocolate instead? Or how about Worcestershire sauce, which was left forgotten in barrels only to be rediscovered years later as a delicious condiment?


Choosing the Right Beer for Your Homemade Ice Cream

Samples of beer in shot glasses

If you’re ready to be an ice cream innovator, it’s time to get to choosing your ideal brew. Once you’ve locked down a solid beer ice cream recipe, selecting a suitable beer is the next step in crafting an unforgettable beer-flavored ice cream. Don't just go for your favorite brew - consider how its unique flavors can complement or contrast with other ingredients in your beer ice cream recipe.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Beer

Stouts with notes of dark chocolate and coffee are perfect for pairing with rich, creamy desserts like ice cream. Fruit beers—like sours or fruit-forward IPAs—can add an unexpected twist to traditional recipes. And when making ice cream, don't forget to consider alcohol content - it affects freezing point.

Experimentation Opportunities With Diverse Brews

Get creative with local brewers' products. Chef Tyler Malek from Salt & Straw Ice Cream has shown us that even lesser-known brews can make deliciously complex dessert experiences. Try IPAs for fruity and spicy flavors, lager for refreshing balance, or sour beers for tart contrast.

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing the right kind of beer - let curiosity lead the way. The world of craft brewing offers endless possibilities, so don't hesitate to try out new combinations until you find one that truly satisfies your palate. And for more inspiration, check out CraftBeer.com's guide on beer styles.

Endless Possibilities: Diverse Beer Flavors

Craft breweries offer a wide variety of beers, each having its unique taste profile which can be utilized to create diverse ice cream flavors. From fruity IPAs to rich stouts, there's no limit on what types of beer can be used as inspiration for these frozen treats.

This rising popularity has opened up endless possibilities for experimenting with unusual combinations resulting in innovative creations such as IPA-infused sorbets or stout chocolate chip cookie doughs or fudge. The diversity of craft beers plays an integral role in pushing boundaries when it comes to developing novel dessert concepts.

Feeling adventurous? Why not try making your own batch of beer-flavored ice cream at home? Stay tuned as we delve into how you can choose the right type of beer for your homemade ice cream creation next time.


How to Make Beer-Flavored Ice Cream at Home Using an Ice Cream Maker

3 scoops of beer ice cream in a bowl

Love craft beer and ice cream? Why not combine them—by your own standards? Making homemade beer-flavored ice cream is a fun culinary adventure that can result in unique flavors. Just like all of those ice cream entrepreneurs out there, you have the ability to customize your own craft beer ice cream—just start experimenting!

Step-by-Step Guide for Beer-Flavored Ice Cream
  1. Pick Your Beer: Choose a beer that complements the sweetness of the ice cream. Stouts or porters with notes of chocolate or coffee work well.
  2. Create a Custard Base: Heat milk, sugar, and egg yolks together until it thickens into custard.
  3. Add the Beer: Once the custard base has cooled slightly, stir in your chosen brew slowly while stirring continuously to prevent curdling.
  4. Cool and Churn: Chill the mixture before churning it in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Experiment with additional flavorings like vanilla extract or cocoa powder depending on the profile of your selected brew.


Easier Version: How to Make No-Churn Beer Ice Cream

If you want to forget about the ice cream base, churning, and all the other chemistry that goes into boozy ice cream, try using a DIY ice cream mix like Hijinx. Traditional ice cream making methods require a great deal of chemistry—especially with alcohol’s high freezing point. The higher the ABV, the higher the freezing point. This means that boozy ice cream can turn into soup without the correct measurements. Ice cream mixes make it easy to just add your brew, then blend and freeze!

Ingredients for Beer Ice Cream with Hijinx:

  1. 1 packet of Hijinx ice cream mix
  2. 1 cup of hot water or half & half
  3. 1/2 cup of your favorite stout (or, for a non-ABV version, try root beer!)


  1. Warm the half & half over medium heat or microwave for 30 - 60 seconds (do not boil). 
  2. Using a blender, combine one packet of HIJINX ice cream powder with the half & half. Blend for one minute or until thoroughly combined. 
  3. Let the mixture rest for 30 minutes on your counter.
  4. Stir in the ½ cup beer.
  5. Transfer to a freezer-safe container with an airtight lid.
  6. Freeze for 3-6 hours. Enjoy! 


Tips and Tricks from Professional Chefs
  • Avoid overly hoppy beers that could introduce bitterness into your creamy concoction.
  • Incorporate around one cup of reduced (boiled down) beer per quart of custard mix for optimal flavor balance without overwhelming alcohol content.
  • Choose quality craft beers with robust flavors.
  • Add beer gradually to avoid overpowering other ingredients.
  • If using an ice cream maker, be patient and allow enough time for the mixture to chill before churning.

This delightful fusion between classic dessert and beloved beverage might seem unusual, but once you've tasted its intriguing complexity, there's no going back. Time to get the party started - let's grab a bottle and mix up some yummy, intoxicating delight.



Beer float

Beer-flavored ice cream is the perfect treat for beer and dessert lovers alike. Craft breweries contribute to flavor diversity in beer-infused desserts, providing experimentation opportunities with diverse brews. From IPAs, to stouts, to your run-of-the-mill Miller High Life, you’ve got near-unlimited options for how you can customize your beer ice cream when you make it at home.

With a step-by-step guide and tips from professional chefs—and with the invention of DIY ice cream mixes like Hijinx—making beer-infused ice cream at home has never been easier. Combine different flavors for a unique beer-flavored ice cream that will impress the whole BBQ.

Learn more about making homemade ice cream with Hijinx.


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