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How to Elevate Your Dinner With Personalized Ice Cream

Food trends come and go but one thing that doesn’t change is our favorite foods. We all have our favorite foods and ingredients that we love….why not turn your favorite flavors and foods into ice cream! 

Dessert is the last chance in a meal to “wow people”. Get creative, have fun, do something daring….

    Make Ice Cream Match the Meal

    • Make your ice cream compliment your dinner. Consider cuisine and make an ice cream to match- Keep the meal cohesive but exciting
    • Ex: Pizza with balsamic dressing ice cream
    • Sushi with wasabi ice cream
    • Burgers and fries with potato chip ice cream
    • You want your ice cream to compliment the cuisine, make the meal flow but still be exciting. 

    How to personalize your ice cream

    - Think of your favorite ingredients and flavors and then add them to the ice cream

    - Look at our recipes to get an idea of quantities and amounts.

    - Add your “secret” ingredient- maybe its a splash of almond extract or a handful of mini peanut butter cups. Perhaps your secret ingredient is pink sea salt. What will make the ice cream YOU?

    Interesting Ice creams To End your Meal


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