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Creepy Scary Snack and Game Ideas for Your Adults-Only Halloween Spooktacular

Leave the kids at home this year, because the adults-only Halloween party is coming to the neighborhood. Yes, trick-or-treating can be a blast, but so are Halloween ice cream flavors that are infused with a little bit of “boo-ze”. Truly great parties are few and far between, so why not throw one that will have your friends talking through New Year's Eve? Check out these awesome activities and Halloween food ideas for adults that will make any Spooktacular event something to die for.


1. Host Cocktail Hour with Boo-zy Halloween Ice Cream Flavors


Even adults love ice cream, especially when it’s themed…and contains alcohol. Wouldn’t you be ECSTATIC seeing this as part of a party spread?

With traditional methods of ice cream making, creating boozy ice cream can be challenging and confusing, requiring complex chemistry that could dissuade even the most determined of home cooks to say, “eh, I’ll pass.” But now there’s an easy way to create custom, boozy ice cream that will impress the entire party and bring your Halloween ice cream ideas to life. Hijinx ice cream mix makes it so easy to serve up a Halloween-themed ice cream that features your favorite liquors, wines, and beers. Try out some super simple Pumpkin Bourbon ice cream, or spike some Black Magic ice cream with spirits like vanilla vodka or Rumchata.


 2. Play “Pin the Tail on the Werewolf”

Pin-the-tail-on-the-werewolf game. Image of a cartoon werewolf on a purple poster.

Blindfold your “victim” and spin them around, before sending them to a giant poster of a werewolf. Encourage them to pin or tape a paper tail onto the picture, as close to the tail as possible — without looking. Make sure you have a prize for the winner!

If the night is young and you need more Halloween food ideas for adults at your party, have guests take an ice cream shot of Fireball Whiskey ice cream before the game starts. If the contestants are a little tipsy, the game gets a little harder.


 3. Repurpose your favorite Halloween candy

Ice cream cone bowl of ice cream with bananas and m&ms.


When considering Halloween food ideas for adults, there’s no need to forget nostalgia altogether. Use Hijinx ice cream mix to make easy ice cream out of your favorite Halloween candy! Try Halloween classics like Candy Corn ice cream, or create something new like Almond Joy or Reese’s ice cream. You can even mix in pieces of various treats to create a never-before-seen flavor that you can call “Halloween Haul”.

When considering Halloween food ideas for adults, there’s no need to forget nostalgia altogether. That said, throwing Halloween candy into a bowl can feel overdone — everyone has their little household bowl of wrapped Halloween candy throughout the season. 

Plus, your guests are there to experience a unique evening — in every way! Instead of leaving candy as-is, try making a batch of ice cream that utilizes that trick-or-treating haul to create something extra special. Hijinx makes it easy to make ice cream out of your favorite Halloween candy! 

Try Halloween classics like Candy Corn ice cream, or create something new like Almond Joy or Reese’s ice cream. You can even mix in pieces of various treats to create a never-before-seen flavor that you can call “Halloween Haul”. You can even add alcohol or CBD oil to amp up the “adult” part of these ice creams.


 4. Create edible potions

Parlour of Peculiarities ice cream set. Packets of Hijinx, apothecary bottles, and small brown bags.


Use the Parlour of Peculiarities DIY ice cream set to bubble, bubble, then BLEND for trouble. Use this kit of elixirs and mysterious accouterments for a potion-brewing experience that you simply blend and freeze to create peculiar ice cream flavors like Ginger Jinx, Here Lies Earl Grey, and Faire Noire. Get into the spirit with an interactive experience that will have your guests begging to try more of your Halloween ice cream ideas. 

Each set includes 5 packets of Hijinx ice cream powder, 5 elixirs — liquid flavor concentrates — and assorted accouterments that accompany each specific flavor. Simply follow the instructions in the included “spellbook” pamphlet to create each magical, peculiar flavor. 

 Plus, users can just add water — so you don’t need anything more than what’s in your P.o.P. set. Pour in your Hijinx, add warm water, add your elixir, and any accouterments you may need for that flavor. Then just blend and freeze! These flavors are super unique Halloween food ideas for adults that are easy to create, and fun to make. 


 5. Challenge Guests to Solve a Mouthwatering Mystery

White bowl of black ice cream with ghosts coming out.


Delight and gross out guests with blindfolded touch and taste tests. Have guests reach into a covered box to touch “eyeballs” — or are they just grapes?—, or “rats” — your kids’ old stuffed animals. Have guests taste test peculiar ice cream like Wasabi.

 For a game that features Halloween food ideas for adults, create a flight of ice creams that are the same color…but certainly not the same flavor. For example, serve up four different ice creams that are all the color green: Mint, Wasabi, Broccoli, and Matcha. Have each guest take their guesses on paper for each flavor before taste testing. Then, have everyone taste the flavors again and write down their post-taste guesses. At the end of that round, reveal the correct flavors. They’ll be in for a trick-or-treat surprise indeed! Whoever had the most correct guesses wins a packet of Hijinx ice cream powder so they can trick their friends and family with their own gross and peculiar Halloween ice cream ideas.


 6. Horror Movie Trivia

Group of adult friends playing trivia.


Test your knowledge of your favorite scary movies with a rowdy game of movie trivia. Divide your party into teams, and see who knows the most about monster movie history, iconic horror actors, and box office numbers. 

During the game, you can serve up movie-themed Halloween ice cream flavors like Jack Torrent’s Bourbon Banana — a “The Shining” reference — or Wednesday Addams’ Worms in Dirt. Trivia winners can receive gift bags of stickers, alcohol nips, movie ticket vouchers, or Hijinx packets so they can create custom, spooky ice cream flavors at home.

Halloween Party Ice Cream Made Easy

With all the thoughtful detail in your party activities and Halloween food ideas for adults, party guests are sure to leave the Spooktacular with incredible memories — and maybe some treats to take home. Grown-up-only parties are the time to go wild with exciting treats, unique beverages, and tons of fun — so don’t hold back. 

Custom ice cream is a unique, easy way to bring your very own creativity to your Halloween party. It’s the simplest and most delicious way to personalize your party’s menu to your exact specifications, and cater to your guest's tastes. And it’s never been more doable. 

 Hijinx ice cream mix is so easy to simply blend and freeze for fun, custom ice cream that can even be infused with alcohol. No matter how busy you might be, Hijinx keeps gourmet dessert-making, simple. Low-effort, high-creativity desserts are now possible. For more ideas on how to serve up custom treats and experiences at your next themed event, check out HijinxIceCream.com


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