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5 Cocktails You Can Turn into Boozy Ice Cream

If you thought your favorite cocktails couldn’t get any better, just you wait: now, you can turn tasty, alcoholic beverages into unique, boozy ice cream. Hijinx makes it SUPER easy to turn the spirits you love, into trendy ice cream–no ice cream maker required. Flavors like whiskey, lime, and coconut are excellent in drinks, so why not in a creamy, frozen treat? Try these cocktail ice creams that will impress guests (and yourself) at your next happy hour!

Spicy Margarita: A spicy-and-sweet treat for a poolside hang! Lime and jalapeno make their appearances in this standout version of a beloved cocktail. The coolness of the ice cream is sure to balance the heat of the peppers, while still enhancing the overall flavor. The perfect addition to Taco Tuesday!

Lemon Drop: Add some refreshing citrus to your boozy dessert. Add triple sec to our lemon vodka ice cream recipe for a sour/sweet treat that packs a punch. Tastes best on the beach while digging your toes in the sand. 

Irish Coffee: If you didn’t already love coffee and whiskey, you’re about to kindle that fire. Bailey’s, whiskey, and coffee come together for a creamy, caffeinated kick that’s sure to win over anyone that comes near it. Between two chocolate chip cookies, this flavor makes for one heck of an ice cream sandwich. 

Piña Colada: Do we even need to say it? Piña colada tastes UNREAL in ice cream form. Coconut? Rum? Pineapple? It’s a match made in heaven. Serve this up next to a Pineapple Upsidedown Cake for a dessert pairing that’ll transport you to paradise.

Bellini: Sweet and simple! In ice cream, this one acts as a kind of peaches-and-cream combo with the sophisticated addition of Prosecco. Refreshing and classic–perfect for a summer picnic, alongside charcuterie and cucumber sandwiches!


Ice cream has truly never been more fun–and Hijinx wants you to have fun making it! Simply blend Hijinx, your favorite liquor/cocktail/wine/beer, and half & half, then freeze. Trust us: bring one of these incredible, boozy flavors to your next event. You’re about to be everyone’s favorite host or party guest. 


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