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Candy Corn

Love it or hate it, Candy Corn ice cream is here–and incredibly easy to make! This 3-ingredient recipe is perfect for your Halloween event, or wish-it-were-Halloween event.


  • HIJINX ice cream mix
  • 1 ½ cups half & half or water*
  • 1 cup candy corn
Note: For a lighter version use water. For a creamier version use half & half.


    1. Warm the half & half on the stove over medium-high heat. Add pieces of candy corn and whisk until the candy corn dissolves.

    2. Remove from heat. While still hot, using a blender, combine 1 packet of HIJINX ice cream mix with the half & half. Blend for one minute or until thoroughly combined.

    3. Let the mixture rest for 30 minutes on your counter.

    4. Gently stir in chopped candy corn. For better distribution, freeze for 1-2 hours before adding.

    5. Transfer to a freezer-safe container with an airtight lid.

    6. Freeze for 3-6 hours. Enjoy!

    CLICK HERE to read our best practices so your ice cream turns out perfect!  


    Candy Corn for the Win

    Well, well, well if it isn’t the most controversial candy of them all. As of 2020, the candy corn-loving demographic is just about split in half, with almost half of every current generation — Boomers at 56%, Gen X at 58%, Millennials at 46%, and Gen Z at 49% — saying they do like candy corn. Who knew candy could be so polarizing?! 

    Candy corn doesn’t seem that difficult to love — it’s sugary, colorful, and best of all, you can grab it by the handful. Even candy corn desserts like yellow and orange cupcakes, often just signal that the beloved Halloween and harvest season is near. That’s why Candy Corn ice cream is the absolute best: it looks pretty, and it tastes like the best time of year. — But you might want to steer away from the “grabbing-by-the-handful” part — it’s not quite as doable with this delicious ice cream. 

    Creating Candy Corn Ice Cream 

    For those of us who are correct and to love candy corn dessert — and even for those that don’t — Candy Corn ice cream is a delicious compromise. In this recipe, you get that intense, sugary flavor of candy corn, but diluted in the best way when it’s combined with an ice cream base. 

    Another factor that makes candy corn ice cream extra lovable: this recipe only requires 3 ingredients. Hijinx ice cream powder, candy corn, and half & half are all it takes to serve up a uniquely awesome dessert that’ll please a crowd. 

    The process is cool in that you can dissolve the candy corn directly in the half & half, so your ice cream base is actually flavored — rather than just dropping chunks of candy into the mix — though you’re welcome to top your creation with as much candy corn and Halloween candy as you’d like. This is just more proof that Hijinx makes it super easy to create custom flavors that are personalized in every layer, from base to mix-ins.

    Hijinx Your Favorite Flavors 

    Candy Corn ice cream is also the perfect treat to share with adults and kids alike. For the grown-ups among us, feel free to add 2 oz. of your favorite liquor — caramel or whipped cream flavored vodka might work well — to create a boozy candy corn dessert that you’d otherwise never be able to find in stores. With Hijinx, you can have fun creating the most personalized and perfect ice cream flavor that YOU want.

    Are you a fan of pumpkin too? Try out our Pumpkin Bourbon ice cream recipe, or our Pumpkin Crunch. And if you’re searching for more Halloween-inspired flavors take a look at Black Magic or Worms and Dirt and Hijinx your party with easy ice cream recipes!

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