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Eat your Veggies!

A group activity

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Most kids (and people in general, let’s face it) don’t enjoy eating vegetables or fruits because of their taste. Would it help if they see it in an ice cream form? Well, its worth a shot! 


With the wave of a magic wand (okay, a blender) turn your childrens' most hated vegetables into a game-changing dessert. Maybe, just maybe this will also make them eat the actual veggies and fruits in the long run.



1. Carrot Cardamom Ice cream

Who says veggies can be dessert? We say so, and we swear by this carrot and cardamom combo.

  • HIJINX ice cream mix
  • 1 ½ cups whole milk
  • 1 cup carrot juice
  • ½ teaspoon cardamom
  • ½ cup carrots, shredded

    1. Warm the milk and carrot juice over medium heat or microwave for 30 - 60 seconds (do not boil).

    2. Using a blender, combine 1 packet of HIJINX ice cream mix with the milk mixture and cardamom. Blend for one minute or until thoroughly combined.

    3. Transfer to a freezer-safe container with an airtight lid.

    4. Let the mixture rest for 30 minutes on your counter.

    5. After 30 minutes, gently stir in the shredded carrots. For better distribution, stir in after 2 - 3 hours of freezing.

    5. Freeze for 3 - 6 hours. Enjoy!

    CLICK HERE to read our best practices so your ice cream is the best! 



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